Our Supreme Deputy

Welcome to the Grand Assembly of Maine website! I hope you are enjoying “clicking through the pages” as we share our Grand Assembly and Maine Rainbow. I know that many of you looking at these pages are from Maine but many of you are from other jurisdictions throughout the United States and around the world. For those of you who don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Debbie (Buhelt) Redmond and I began my Rainbow career when I joined Portland Assembly #1 as a shy, quiet 12 year old girl. I served my Assembly as Worthy Advisor three times. I served the Grand Assembly of Maine as Grand Fidelity, Grand Charity, Grand Worthy Associate Advisor and was installed Grand Worthy Advisor in May of 1983 by my sister Denise who had just completed her term as Grand Worthy Advisor in Maine. I was honored to receive the Grand Cross of Color with my dad. I served as Mother Advisor of my home Assembly for several years, a Grand Deputy and a member of the Grand Executive Committee. I was installed the Supreme Deputy in Maine at the Supreme Assembly Sessions in Omaha, Nebraska in 2010.


I am a member of Deering Chapter #59 Order of the Eastern Star. I have served as Worthy Matron of my Chapter twice and the Grand Chapter of Maine as Grand Adah and Grand Representative to New Jersey.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Grand Assembly of Maine in any capacity and the Supreme Assembly as the Deputy in Maine. I look forward to watching the girls grow into the amazing young women they can be through this time honored and amazing organization.


Please enjoy our website—which has been made possible by Marielle Jackson— one of our very supportive Past Grand Worthy Advisors. Should you have questions about Maine Rainbow or our Grand Assembly, please contact me directly at mainerainbow@gmail.com.

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This web page acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Whose seat of authority is in McAlester, Oklahoma, of which Rev. W. Mark Sexson was the founder. The Supreme Worthy Advisor is Susan Rennagel and Debbie Redmond is Supreme Deputy for Maine.